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cooccio food business consultant 1

food business consultant

Innovation consulting for food companies

Advice on new trends applied to the food business

Digitization and management of all processes

coocció dark kitchen

Addressed to

from entrepreneurs with their first project
to large consolidated companies

coocció alimentación y bebidas
coocció cocina compartida
coocció food tech

Food and Beverage

Food industry


New foods


Restaurants and catering

Organized restoration.

Franchises. Virtual Brands

food tech

Service suppliers

Software and apps

Distribution and last mile

My services

My experience, your innovation.


New consumer channels

Dark kitchen (only-delivery, ghost, cloud kitchen)
Delivery. Q-Commerce. Fulfillment. Virtual brands

Digital Gastronomy

All tools

Digitization. Sofware. Food SaaS.
Back/Front Office Management.



Scouting. Robotics.

New trends.


New business. Investors.

Legal. Regulations and licenses.

New locations.

coocció delivery
coocció digitalización



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