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Gastronomic incubator

From the beginning, supporting the present, and working for the future of the gastronomic business.



We were pioneers.
Always innovating for the future of gastronomic business.

Until our opening in 2016, concepts that later became popular as cocooking or kitchen coworking did not even exist. In 2016, gastronomic entrepreneurs or companies did not know the possibility of renting a kitchen for their productions.

We introduced the concept of shared kitchen rental by the hour with all services. A legal and certified kitchen that broke all the entry barriers of the gastronomic business. And we discovered to everyone the advantages of sharing a workshop: creating synergies, reducing risks, minimal investment, less operating costs and immediate start.

Coocció was born in 2016 with the intention of being a gastronomic business facilitator.

We firmly believe in shared space. Synergy for us is not just a word, we apply it thoroughly in all aspects of our daily life.

We want to provide service to any project in the world of gastronomy, for all existing business lines, at any stage and for all sizes, from the entrepreneur to the international company.

We were born and developed in Barcelona, an international business center and headquarters of the main international brands and base of new gastronomy projects in southern Europe.

From always supporting small entrepreneurs and advising large companies. We firmly believe in the synergies that are generated between the experience and capacity of the large company and the innovation, imagination and flexibility of the entrepreneur.

We are present on a day-to-day basis, in production, in the development of current products and in the design of services that support current businesses, but always based on innovation. Coocció wants to always be present in the changes that shape the businesses of the future, innovating together with entrepreneurs and companies. Coocció will always be aware of the trend and will be working on it when it stops being a trend and becomes a business.


From the beginning, supporting the present, and working for the future of the gastronomic business.


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