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Dark Kitchen

From the beginning, supporting the present, and working for the future of the gastronomic business.



We were pioneers.
Always innovating for the future of the gastronomic business.

Until our opening in 2016, concepts that later became popular such as dark kitchen, cloud kitchen, virtual brand or even delivery were little-known concepts even worldwide and were not known in our country. In 2017 there was no possibility of renting a kitchen for delivery.

We introduced the concept of individual kitchen rental in a shared space with all services. A legal and certified kitchen that broke all the entry barriers of the gastronomic business. And we discovered to everyone the advantages of sharing space: creating synergies, reducing risks, minimal investment, lower operating costs and immediate start.


We contribute our experience with solutions, design, legalization, application of health criteria and other considerations when designing, building and operating shared and single-user kitchens.

Business stages

Creation, implementation, growth, expansion.

Engineering and legalization, design, operations


Project Type

Private individual kitchens, shared kitchens, new locations and satellite kitchens, take away, virtual brand, franchised brand...


Digital gastronomic consulting for the implementation of integration software, own channel, business intelligence, AI, automation...

dark kitchen barcelona

our experience at your disposal

Do you need dark kitchen?

If you need a dark kitchen, your own or rented,

you want to start your gastronomic project

brands that have operated in our dark kitchens

Almost 50 projects have rented an individual kitchen in Coocció, to expand or start brands through delivery, to open satellite kitchens or new locations and even as a production workshop

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